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Our Activities as an Environmentally and Socially Conscious Hotel in Grenada

Ever since we decided to create a peaceful and romantic haven of a hotel in Grenada, where guests could enjoy the magnificent view of the Grenadines we were inspired by the goal of being both an environmentally and socially conscious hotel. Thankfully, we’ve been able to contribute to both the care of the environment and of the community during our time in Grenada.

We want to share with you the type of activities and practices that we implement to ensure that we make a difference to both the natural habitat of St Patrick (the parish where we are located in Grenada) and the people.

Environmentally conscious activities

To start, let’s explore the green practices that we implement. These same practices have contributed to us attaining TripAdvisor’s coveted Green Leaders Gold award:

Re-use and reduce. We guide our guests to re-use towels when possible, for which you may have seen recommendations in the rooms. We do this by asking our guests to place towels that they want to be washed on the floor, otherwise to place them back on the towel rails. We also collect vegetable scraps from the kitchen to add to our compost heap. When possible, we save any scraps to feed to our domesticated animals. We also work hard to reduce all use of resources.

Energy. We track energy usage on a regular basis and continually look at how we can make best use of solar energy. We have installed solar panels on the roofs of several cottages to capture the abundance of sunrays that are available to us in this part of the world. In addition, our light bulbs are energy efficient and from a commercial aspect, it helps with our energy bills.

Recycling. Where we can we reuse materials, we do. We also use bamboo straws so as not to contribute to the shocking plastic problem that the planet is currently being suffocated by. This is particularly critical in this region as there are leatherback turtles and other sea life that plastic can affect the well-being of. We also reuse water when possible, such as capturing what is known as grey water for use on plants and lawns.


Green focused education. Both staff and guests are educated about our green practices, either on-site or through our website. You can see more about this here.

Local produce. In addition to growing as much as our own food as we can, we source our remaining fresh produce needs from local and trusted growers. This means that we don’t have to travel a distance to source food and therefore we produce fewer fuel emissions.

Local resources. Our cottages are made of hardwood sourced from the Caribbean. Philip travelled to Guyana before building started in 2007 and since then we’ve also added to the hardwood door frames, window frames, roofing and other hardware with hand-crafted hardwood furniture.

Turtles. Having had a lifelong respect and love for sea life, we have partnered with and support the work of Ocean Spirits sea turtle conservation program. Click to discover more about Ocean Spirits.

From our recycling of galvanise (corrugated iron) to the recycling of local vegetation for the roofing of our gazebo, we put the environment first.

Socially conscious activities

Staff. Petite Anse Hotel is proud to make a financial difference to the local community. We do this by hiring workers from the local area. This began when we first took ownership of the land and it needed to be prepared. All workers were hired from the population of Sauteurs (our local town) and neighbouring towns. Our hotel staff are also from the local area and they pass through a training and development program to ensure that they are employable outside of the hotel.

In the community

Community projects. The hotel makes financial contributions to local community projects. This includes Philip’s epic fundraising for the replacement of the roof of the local Hilarion home for the vulnerable. He raised a whopping US$17,000 by running 26 gruelling miles of the London marathon for sponsorship and by requesting donations. Annie also voluntarily sits on the board of the Hilarion home directors.

philip in marathon

Other contributions made by Petite Anse Hotel include sponsorship of the local steel pan orchestra. We also took on the sponsorship of a local culinary student we met during the time he spent with us at the hotel doing his work experience until he successfully graduated.


Annie collects donations and runs a packing for a purpose campaign that accepts essentials for the local special needs school and other schools. Discover more about this here. Until the unfortunate closure of Father Mallaghan’s Boys’ Home, Annie was tirelessly involved in the social development of many of the residents and still provides support to them. She often receives packages from guests and others who collect to make a difference to the local people who at times have financial difficulties. This part of the island is not bustling with economic growth and this makes a difference for people to receive clothing, school supplies, etc.

Veterinary assistance. Animal owners in the community will often call Annie to help with their care. When she was living in the UK, Annie was a nurse and has had her full quota of medical training. She also has close ties with the veterinary practices on the island and receives some vet medicine donations from her friends and acquaintances in England. She can often be found giving pigs, sheep, goats, donkeys, dogs and cats veterinary treatments and inoculations.

hotel in grenada

Attach A Leg. As a non-profit organisation, Attach a Leg provides prosthetic legs to amputees. Petite Anse is looking into how else they can support the organisation and you can read more about them here.

Quite often the hotel will also make donations to those in need, at our own discretion. We cannot help everybody but do try to help as many as we can. We enjoy making a difference and feel that both ourselves and as an organisation- the hotel, has been very fortunate in being able to orchestrate making a difference both socially and environmentally in the parish of St Patricks. If you’d like to discover more about our social contributions, click here.

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