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Why Choose Grenada for Romance?

couple-romance-grenada-227x300What pirates, sailors and honeymoon makers all have in common is that they are insatiable romantics that know how exactly how enchanting and full of romance Grenada is.

It’s a breathtaking place that offers intimate moments for newly weds. Relaxation, chances to connect and opportunities to enjoy nature and good food in a beautiful setting.

Grenada is one of the prettiest islands in the Caribbean. Not only does it offer the stunning white sand beaches that are archetypical of the Caribbean, but it has a beautiful interior. It’s an island that is fortunate in that tourism may have developed rapidly in the south, but in the north, it still retain it’s old world charm of days gone by.

Warm water, a health-giving climate and dramatic beauty blend into one to make Grenada the perfect destination for romance and love.

There are also plenty of things to do for the romantic couple. Hiking to one of the secluded waterfalls in a popular option, as is taking a fisherman’s boat over to Sandy Island, an uninhabited paradise with spectacular snorkeling.

Petite Anse Hotel, built for couples in love


Additionally, don’t miss out on asking us to arrange a private dinner for two on your verandah or deck. We’ll arrive with a table set for just the two of you, with flowers and shortly afterwards your dinner will be served with your choice of wine.

Petite Anse i

s a popular

choice for honeymooners and even weddings. We aren’t really designed for children, so we rarely have them staying with us. You’ll enjoy all the privacy that you need in our over-sized honeymoon suites, with matching over-sized private balcony and private over-sized shower.

We offer a host of activities that you can indulge each other in, including a massage by our blind masseur, a visit to the local hot springs to enjoy the hot sulfur mud on your skin or even swimming in our infinity pool.

If you prefer to take us up on our honeymoon package, you will be entitled to breakfast, lunch and dinner with drinks including champagne and chocolate on your arrival. You can enjoy the delicious local cuisine prepared by our experienced chefs.



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