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Why Getting Away to the Caribbean Is So Very Healthy

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It’s no secret that most of us are highly surprised when the weekend flies by so fast. We can be left feeling tired and even after a long weekend filled with relaxation and leisure activities, can still find it difficult to get out of bed on a Monday morning. It can all seem a bit of a drag.

That’s why it’s important to get away and the Caribbean offers the perfect destination to escape to. The physical health and psychological benefits of travel are well known and were recognised when people first started to travel the globe hundreds of years ago. Rejuvenation, relaxation, revitalisation can all be available to you when you travel.

An enjoyed vacation can help to relax and can lead to the reconnection to drive and motivation that is an essential factor for anybody who works hard and wants to make progress in their career and finances..

Let’s look at what it can do for each of us..

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Couples who travel together will usually enjoy far happier and healthier relationships to those who don’t. A relaxing holiday in the sun can give you the break that you need to spur on romance and improve communication – both key ingredients of any happy relationship.

Curb Stress

Working 24/7 can bring about a lot of strain and stress, along with the chance of burn out. You’ll meet new people, enjoy a change of scenery, different food and be in a very different environment where it’s warm all year round. The perfect recipe to be restored to bring you back to feeling brand new.

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Feed your senses

Going outdoors and escaping from the drollness of day to day tasks can have a therapeutic effect on both body and mind. More oxygen, nature, sunshine and peace can all add up to enhanced mood and happiness. You’ll be able to try exotic foods that are healthy and fresh.  In particular here at Petite Anse, they haven’t travelled to a supermarket hundreds of miles away. They are grown locally. You’ll be able to try new flavours and even be exposed to new ideas for your own home cooking.

healthy caribbean holiday

Much of what we cook in our restaurant kitchen is grown either in our kitchen garden or in our plantation house garden. You’ll benefit from sunshine fresh and nutrient packed fresh and locally grown produce such as:

  • papaya
  • peppers
  • coconut
  • mangoes
  • guava
  • citrus fruits such as lemon, lime, grapefruit and orange
  • cacao / chocolate
  • soursops
  • tomatoes, cucumbers and other salad produce
  • sweet potatoes
  • cherries


Getting away to the Caribbean can provide a welcome relief form the humdrum of everyday routine.  During winter months, it’s an opportunity to get some vitamin D and to warm up.

Blend all these points and we think you’ll agree, it’s something that can make a difference to your productivity at work and your enjoyment of your partner. Book now.

caribbean healthy holiday


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