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Grenada Shopping Tips

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Most people feel that the majority of opportunities for shopping in Grenada are located in the south of the island close or around the capital of St Georges. However, there are a variety of good buys in the towns and villages that should not be missed.

The nearest town to us here at Petite Anse is Sauteurs which has a couple of supermarkets and pharmacies for the basics. You’ll also see a street vendor or two selling street food or fruits. Don’t miss the tamarind balls. They are made of the pulp from the tamarind seed pod mixed with sugar and give a wonderful sweet and sour combination that will make your mouth water like one of Grenada’s glourious waterfalls.
3610024379_b06b10503b_mThe town of Grenville has a number of practical shops that cater to the local population. You may find something suitable for those back at home in the side market stalls. There is also a fish market that is open in the mornings that you might want to visit for photographic opportunities. A colourful array of fish makes up the days catch.  Look out for the roti hut too for some local cuisine.

Along the other side of the island lies the fishing town of Gouyave. It’s also the town that is home to a nutmeg plantation.  You’ll find a variety of local crafts and products here and your purchase will support the community. Look out for nutmeg related products such as Nut-Med painkilling spray and lotion.

Other locally made products to look out for include:

Amba Kaila – homemade jams and jellies. They also produce hot pepper sauces – the ideal gift for those at home.

Arawak Islands produce a wide range of soaps and skin care products that make for lovely gifts or souvenirs.

Grenada chocolate company – high quality chocolate made from cocoa that is grown on the island. If you miss the chance of buying this on the island then you can find it at a number of international outlets.

If you’re a lover of pancakes, then you might want to try nutmeg syrup from De La Grenade, who also produce jams, a nutmeg liquer and a Mauby beverage that is made from the bark of wood.

With a little bit of looking around you’ll be surprised about what unique and fascinating shopping delights you can discover on Grenada.


Grenada Chocolate. Image courtesy of
Grenada Chocolate.
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  1. Oh, how could you forget Art and Soul at Spiceland Mall?
    Finest art gallery in Grenada, wouldn’t you say?

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