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How to Pack For Your Holiday in Grenada


If you’re lucky enough to be heading down to Grenada for a holiday, you’re probably wondering what are the quintessential items you need for your trip. Due to the fact that Grenada is an all year round sunny destination, you will find packing for your holiday in Grenada to be quite simple.

1. Lots of Summer Clothing
Make sure you pack dresses, shorts, bikinis, swimming towels, sunblock and other summer essential items regardless of when you’re going. You may decide to attend an evening event, so pack summer evening wear too. Pack sandals for the day and night as closed shoes might be too warm to wear all day.

2. Pack for the Rain Season
If you’re going to Grenada during June to December you will need to pack raincoats, umbrellas and light clothing to keep you warm. These months are considered the months when the most rain falls in Grenada. It is essential to know that you should not be discouraged from going in these seasons. The rain storms are often short and followed by sun and blue skies. Rain storms have even been known to last only five minutes.

3. Hiking Gear
You need to pack hiking gear for Grenada if your planning on visiting one of their amazing hiking trails. Grenada is well known for the hiking paths and it would be a shame for you to miss out on the experience. Pack a ruck sack or carrypack, boots and socks to prevent blisters during hiking.

4. Miscellaneous
Even though Petite Anse does not suffer from many insects, as the cool breeze blows them away, you may want to bring an insect repellant with you. Don’t forget to bring your camera. You want to be able to capture Grenada in all of its beauty. You might also want to bring some reading material with you for the quiet moments. Petite Anse has wireless internet access for those who prefer to travel with a laptop.

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