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Reawaken Your Love on a Second Honeymoon in Grenada

A second honeymoon in Grenada can make a valuable contribution to your marriage.

What is a 2nd honeymoon? A 2nd honeymoon is a memorable trip a married couple takes to mark a significant occasion such as a wedding anniversary, retirement, or a significant birthday. It’s also possible that you just become childless as your children have just left the nest or your first grandchild is coming. But you don’t need a reason to have a romantic week or even weekend away together to connect as a couple and spend quality time together.

Reunite as a couple

A lot of long-married couples like to relive their honeymoon every few years. It might be as simple as a long romantic weekend or as elaborate as a vacation to a far-flung destination they’ve always wanted to see. Some honeymooning couples even make a return trip to their first destination. Couples who want to spend their second honeymoon in Grenada often come back to Petite Anse. We have married many couples here in the hotel.

Recommit your love on a 2nd honeymoon

On their second honeymoon, many couples reaffirm their wedding vows as a public show of their love for each other. In whatever shape it takes, a second honeymoon is an opportunity to put everything else aside and give your undivided attention to one another.

Get back together by going on a second honeymoon in Grenada

When the children finally leave the nest, it’s like a second honeymoon. For many married couples, this is a delightful event that deserves a particular celebration. In the same way that newlyweds take pleasure in commemorating their union and the beginning of their shared lives, so too do those who have just become empty nesters. Since you’ve done so much by establishing and maintaining a family, you two are entitled to another honeymoon. The time has come for you to get back together, just as you did all those years ago.

Second honeymoons are great for rekindling romance and reminding one other why you fell in love with each other in the first place.

Make the most of your second honeymoon in Grenada with an adventure

A second honeymoon is a pleasant holiday that couples have later in life. It could include going for walks on the beach and just hanging out to relax and get back together. You may not have had the time or energy to arrange an intensive, exciting vacation during the early years of your marriage. A second honeymoon might be the ideal chance to do so. You can enjoy activities together, such as taking a boat around local islands, watching leatherback turtles nesting or even studying SCUBA.

second honeymoon in grenada

Make preparations to help others

According to research, community involvement increases a couple’s chances of a long and happy marriage. You will grow closer together. You’ll also leave an excellent, lasting mark on your second honeymoon location if you plan to volunteer there.

We offer a few different volunteer options, such as visiting a local school and a cacao farm. You can find other volunteer opportunities here on the PureGrenada website.

Choose somewhere further away

Use this time to get to the furthest reaches of the Earth. If this is your first honeymoon, plan a trip to a more exotic location than you usually would. If you want something unique, stay in one of our cottages here at Petite Anse!

A list of firsts to be remembered fondly

Your first honeymoon probably had a whole bunch of firsts. You should take advantage of your second honeymoon to experience new and exciting things. Watch leatherback turtles nesting or go snorkeling on Sandy Island.

Engage the services of our front desk!

It’s not easy to arrange a vacation, particularly to a new place where exciting activities must be organised. Our front desk can help you create an itinerary for your second honeymoon in Grenada. You can enjoy an itinerary that is unique to you and your spouse. They are well-versed in the tours available.

Discover our Grenada Honeymoon Packages

Taking a second honeymoon in Grenada can reignite the romance in your relationship. Get in touch if you want to know more about retaking your vows or about our Grenada Honeymoon All-Inclusive Deals at Petite Anse Beachfront Hotel. You can also contact us about your itinerary or about reserving our honeymoon suites. Our front desk is always ready and waiting to help. If you’re flying from the UK, check out British Airways, or Jet Blue if you’re flying from the US.

Is Grenada good for honeymoons?

Grenada is such a romantic and quaint island, you will get all the feels here. You’ll also remember your time here together with great fondness throughout the rest of your life together. There are plenty of romantic places to go and beautiful scenery for all your photos.

How expensive is a honeymoon in Grenada?

A honeymoon in Grenada is similar to a holiday or vacation in price. You can take romantic tours of the island using a tour guide and enjoy the same type of food that you would with any trip. However, you can splurge on taking the best room a hotel has to offer to ensure you feel like you’ve got the most special accommodation available.

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