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Miss These Dishes at Petite Anse and You’ll Kick Yourself!

If you’ve yet to dine with us, then you are probably wondering what delicious delights our kitchen serves to guests and visitors to our restaurant.

Our dinner menu changes daily and we don’t know exactly what the chefs will decide to create until that same day. (After all, the magic of cookery is that there’s HUGE scope for creative license!)

However, our chefs are keen to please, so if you’re looking for something specific, do ask and there’s a good chance that they could cater to your wishes (depending on how busy we are).

Our chefs

We’ve been working for some time with the unusual but highly effective model of three head chefs.

Meet Alicia, the head of all kitchen staff.

Also meet Denson.

And Jomo (below on left).

They’ve all had a lot of experience and work hard to develop their repertoires.

This is what the chefs say…

So we’ve been in the kitchen asking the chefs what the favourite dishes are here at the hotel. This is what they told us.

1. Rotis. A local favourite, rotis originate from Trinidad where there is a strong east Indian influence in cooking thanks to the number of East Indian population. We make our own roti skins onsite which is an art in itself! Chicken, fish, seafood and vegetable rotis are available, served with salad. The outer wrap is made of chickpea flour. Price: EC$20-EC$45. 

2. Shrimp or seafood alfredo. Another big favourite here at the hotel restaurant is shrimp of seafood alfredo pasta. Although neither the seafood or shrimp is locally caught, it’s a big passion for many of our guests. Alfredo is a sauce made of white wine, garlic, cream, parmesan cheese and black pepper and it’s delicious! Price: EC$50. 

3. Beefburgers. Whether you know it as a beef burger, a hamburger or even just a plain ‘burger’, our recipe is unique. We make our own with herbs to give it that traditional hamburger-y taste that everybody loves. Served with fries OR a salad, you can opt for cheese with pineapple, bacon or go all out for a complete change with a fishburger or veggie burger. Price: EC$30-EC$35.

4. Seafood penne. Pasta is all the rage and one of our most popular dishes. Our seafood penne contains fish, seafood mix with calamari (octopus), shrimp and mussels. It’s generally served alone but you could opt for a side of salad or garlic bread to really get an Italian vibe going on. Price: EC$50.

5. Pizza. There’s no doubt about it, our pizza looks great and tastes even better. Thin crust and loaded with a tasty tomato base, cheese and your choice of toppings, you’ll be instantly transported to Italy. Choose from Margherita, pepperoni, vegetables, cajun chicken or other veggies. Price: starting at EC$40 for a 12-inch pizza, EC$5 per extra topping. 

6. Lobster. Not always in season, but when it is, it’s very popular. Our lobster is caught off the coast of Grenada by local fishermen. We serve it butterflied and it’s flavoursome. Price: starts at EC$95.

7. Seafood grill. Seafood grill contains shrimp, fish and lobster. The fish is determined by what we have available on the day. Price: EC$110

8. Beef tenderloin steak. An all-time favourite, beef tenderloin steak is cooked to your preference. Sliced if it’s your preference and served with your choice of sauce, you’ll be blown away by the flavour. Price: EC$110 or striploin EC$100

9. Tuna dinner. Tuna is caught locally and served as a steak. Grilled to perfection, it’s served with steamed vegetables, rice or potatoes. Price: EC$80

10. Mahi mahi fish dinner. Again, this fish is caught locally and prepared at the hotel. We cook it just how it tastes best and it’s perfect with steamed vegetable with a sauce. Price: EC$80

You can see our breakfast menu,  lunch menu, our all-day menu here and a sample dinner menu here or discover more about our Sunday BBQ lunch.

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