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GUEST POST: How to Enjoy a Compromise Vacation

When considering your choice of vacation destination, you’ll probably be thinking about the kind of holiday you’d like; relaxing or adventurous, city or rural. People tend to stick to the type of holiday, and often location, with which they are familiar and comfortable. If you love the outdoors, you may not want a city-based holiday, or if you are a party animal, the idea of hiking around the Alps may not fill you with joy. This is fine if you can go with like-minded friends, or your family shares your enthusiasms; but if you hate the idea of cities and your partner hates the idea of the country, do you settle for a vacation that fits neither of your dreams? How about rethinking why you hate the idea of their type of holiday and see if there is more to enjoy than you realised.

compromise holiday

The surprisingly relaxing side of cities

The draw of the city is typically focused on the hustle and bustle – mingling with a fascinating mixture of people from different cultures, the nightlife, and the dining. All this is true, but there are ways to take the stress out of the city. If you’re in France for example, try visiting Paris tours which take care of all the tricky parts of organizing your sightseeing. Not far beyond the noise and intensity of the city center, you will find quiet backstreets, quaint little cafes and the calm environment of lesser-frequented museums and galleries. If you’re near the sea, there could be paths to beaches that are off the main tourist radar, or parks and green spaces that are perfect for peaceful picnics and relaxing walks.

The surprising variety of life near beach resorts

There’s a stereotypical image of holidaymakers spending their entire vacation lounging at the beach turning pink in the sun. These sandy beaches are portrayed as places where the only life is the gently unwinding humans under their beach umbrellas, but beyond the sun-seekers, there are wildlife habitats full of different species of flora and fauna. The sea itself will be home to several layers of marine life, from crabs and anemones in rock pools to seaweeds and fish further out. There will be avian inhabitants if you enjoy a spot of birdwatching, and where there is a beach there are always boat trips for fishing or wildlife watching.

The surprisingly lazy activity holiday

You’ve got a log cabin in the middle of a vast forest, with little or no access to civilization and no inclination to go for 20-mile hikes into the wilderness. Or, you’ve got a log cabin that is your haven of tranquillity, in which you can indulge all those pastimes and read all those books you never get time for at home. There will be a sunspot by the cabin or not far away from where you can soak up some rays without fear of disturbance, and you can let your hair down without worrying about who might ring the doorbell (which you are unlikely to have on a cabin anyway).

If you agree with your partner that they can have their dream vacation, don’t play the martyr, get out and see what you can find that suits your interests and make the most of an experience you may never have had without their influence. Then make sure that next time you get your dream holiday!

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